Cloud Services

Create more value for your customers with highly available, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure with EIPL

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)

Create more value for your customers with highly available, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure with EIPL. Quickly scale up and down when your needs change and only pay for the resources that you use. EIPL offers end-to-end services for your cloud environment, including secure cloud migrations, managed IT services, cloud backup and recovery, and cloud virtualization. We help you migrate your applications and data without business interruption, ensuring your solution integrates into your existing and future infrastructure. The key benefits of our managed IaaS solutions include:

  • Supplement or replace existing infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment
  • No capex required , predictable opex
  • Scalable and flexible IaaS
  • Optimized security
  • 24*7*365 support

As part of our IaaS solution, EIPL provide organizations with server, storage and networking resources as well as OS and application management. Providing you with a standardised, repeatable way to manage the deployment of infrastructure, allows you to focus time and resources on the application layer upwards, helping you to deliver business value, rather than working on back-end maintenance.

PaaS(platform as a service)

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions deliver notable cost savings and highest productivity improvements without worrying much about development infrastructure and IT cost. We apparently refurbish existing applications for the cloud and develop cloud based applications much quicker. Our PaaS solutions are for businesses who want to facilitate software applications without the complexity of technology, cost of buying, managing and maintaining the hardware architecture. The benefits of this service includes:

  • Scalability
  • High productivity
  • Zero setup cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Quicker application deployment
  • Business control
  • Highly secure
  • Accessibility

SaaS (Software as a service)

As an alternative to buying software and paying for periodic upgrades, paying for and maintaining technical resources and infrastructure, SaaS may provide a better alternative for many existing and future solutions. These include applications such as new product development, marketing, sales, customer service, portals, content management and collaboration being made available on a usage or time-basis via the Web. Through EIPL you can develop a custom SaaS application to meet your needs quickly and within budget. Our current SaaS applications range from Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Application maintenance and support, reporting and analytics, implementation, data conversion, portal integration to E-Learning Solutions and everything in between.

Subscribing to SaaS services, our clients reap the following benefits:

  • Core Business – SaaS allows management to focus on core business rather than IT and allows clients to allocate their budget to customer and revenue producing activities
  • Cost Reduction – A recent study found the total cost of operating an on-demand software package is 50% less than implementing and managing an on-premise solution and results in more predictable ongoing costs
  • Shorter Implementation Time – Clients using SaaS can see results in weeks as opposed to months, since the software, hardware and network infrastructure are already in place and working via the Web
  • Enhancements – SaaS offers subscribers incremental and on-going business application enhancements and releases

Hosting and Managed service

Host mission critical and resource-intensive applications and preconfigured, high performance dedicated servers and storage to make critical business data and application available for access within the shortest time possible and least downtime. EIPL ensures complete end-to-end management of your mission- critical IT environment. This includes provision and service of hardware, data backup, data recovery, complete security and fully managing the operating system (OS), web, database (DB) and application infrastructure. Through our IT Managed Services, we enable you to transform rapidly so you can offer your ever-changing customer a great experience. Customising our framework for you, we integrate it with your existing IT setup to deliver high uptime through the right combination of people, processes and tools. All this, while keeping our focus aligned with your changing business needs. Our managed services portfolio includes:

  • Disaster Recovery Solutions and Data Security
  • IT Managed Services and Help Desk Engineering
  • Business IT Project Management
  • Outsource IT
  • Server support
  • Cloud service provider
  • Network solutions
  • Datacentre Solution


Our customizable Co-location Services – available around the world through our global network of leading-edge Service Delivery Centers (SDCs) – give you the power to significantly reduce the expense and hassle of your private data center operations. You can both lower your operational costs and improve technical performance by locating your systems in a shared space. As a result, you will no longer have to pay full freight and can leverage economies of scale for many of today’s data center necessities. Our Co-location facilities provide:

  • Robust, multiple network connectivity services
  • An ability to handle bandwidth bursts on demand
  • Redundant power supplies and power backup
  • Advanced network and physical security

Remote backup and recovery solutions

Data is critical to your success, so the ability to quickly recover and restore lost files and data is imperative. The backup of data is useless if it cannot be restored. EIPL provide Backup & Restore Services to help you optimize your backup environment improve efficiency, recovery and archiving solutions that has been designed to meet your requirements, minimize downtime with a backup and improve flexibility, manageability and scalability. Back up your data from off-site locations, eliminating the need for someone to remember to back up daily. Our data storage and recovery services provide access to lost data, or data that has become corrupted on the server. Implementing a cloud backup is amongst the smartest investments a business can make, as it protects not only data of your business operations; but also the data of clients.

All data is backed up to secure, redundant offsite cloud storage facilities. This eliminates common issues inherent in faulty media, unsecured data, unreliable recovery, and the cost maintenance surrounding these problems.

BCP and DR hosting & services

BCP and DRP are important to enable an organization’s recovery of its critical business processes and IT systems in an efficient and timely manner in the event of a disaster. EIPL can help in designing and documenting a BCP/ DRP to enable recovery of its critical business processes and IT systems in an efficient and timely manner in the event of a disaster. Some of the key activities include risk assessment, BIA, determining recovery/ continuity strategy, definition recovery time objective, developing the plan including plan administration.

BCP will document procedures that will guide response, recovery, resumption and restoration of the System to a pre-defined level of operation following disruption. We will also assist in conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). EIPL offers robust, affordable disaster recovery plans from basic business continuity consulting to comprehensive DR testing and defined solutions. We’ll assist you in considering the possibilities and preparing for the unexpected, ultimately helping your business survive.

Infrastructure monitoring & management services

Infrastructure Monitoring Cloud Service monitors the status and health of your entire IT infrastructure – on-premises or on the cloud — from a single platform. Proactive monitoring across tiers enables administrators to be alerted on issues, troubleshoot and resolve these before they impact end users. EIPL helps deliver proactive monitoring and analytical tools for an end-to-end insight into your IT infrastructure. It provides visibility in your performance, resulting in realization of faults, events, capacity, configuration & the overall security of your IT systems in traditional datacenters as well as distributed cloud infrastructures. As your applications scale and infrastructure changes, easily track the inventory configuration state and correlate those changes to potential impacts on your host and application performance.